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Frank comes from a land down under to launch Coventry musical

Sixties yodeling pop star Frank Ifield has returned to his native Coventry for the launch of the musical Godiva Rocks.

The show will be staged at the Belgrade Theatre in October.

But, appropriately, the Coventry Music Museum, part of the 2-Tone Village on Ball Hill, was chosen to promote the treat in store for fans.

Frank, who was born in Coundon, achieved four UK number one singles - including his breakthrough hit 'I Remember You' .

His songs will feature in the show alongside other artists with a Coventry connection, including Vince Hill, Hazel O’Connor, The Specials, The Primitives and The Enemy.

Frank has long since made his home in Australia but was delighted to return to the UK to celebrate the announcement of this world premiere musical.

He is just one of 20 artists with a Coventry connection to have their music featured in Godiva Rocks, alongside Vince Hill, Hazel O’Connor, The Specials, Terry Hall, King, The Primitives and The Enemy.

Written by Alan Pollock and directed by Hamish Glen (pictured above, either side of Frank Ifield and Pete Chambers of the Coventry Music Museum), Godiva Rocks aims to capture a sense of pride for Coventry’s vibrant but often overlooked musical history, from the 1960s to the present day.

Alan said: “On one level, this is a warm, funny, human story that keeps you guessing right to the end.

“But on another, it’s a story about an enormous pride. We, Coventry, have produced this music. It came from somewhere inside us – from the people, the atmosphere and the soil of the place – and we sent it out into the world.

"Now it’s coming home and I hope people can celebrate that.”

Asked for his favourite Coventry song, he said: "Impossible to limit it to one – so I won’t. I love the Specials’ Friday Night Saturday Morning because it’s so expressive of time and place.

"Ditto You’re Wondering Now. But I think Hear You Talking by Beverley Jones is my favourite – a song which everyone should know and which should be on Radio 2 literally all the time. It makes me excited about a past I never knew but which hopefully we’re recreating for now…"

Godiva Rocks runs on the Main Stage from Sat 7 – Sat 21 Oct. Tickets are priced from £19 - £27 and are available from the Belgrade Box Office on 024 7655 3055 or via the Belgrade Theatre website at

Writer Alan Pollock tells of the labour of love in bringing Godiva Rocks back home, CLICK HERE

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