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Making the white connection with children

White, Warwick Arts Centre, until 13 March Cotton and Wrinkle are two characters who run and manage a world of white. They wait for white eggs to be delivered from the sky and nurture them, housing them in white bird boxes.

Any scrap of colour that invades their monotone space is quickly eliminated, so the peace and clean of 'white' can be restored. All is happy and harmonious until 'red' falls from the sky and literally changes Cotton and Wrinkle's world.

'White' is billed as being a good first theatre experience for very young children. Aimed at children aged two to four the all white set and backdrop provides a friendly and comfortable space for little ones to get close up to the action.

The softly told story, which weaves repetitive actions and minimal dialogue with touches of magic, engages children easily. There is intrigue and anticipation and lots of skilful little touches to make sure the story connects at all time with its young audience.

The actors and front of house staff are at pains to make families comfortable, from seating children on the floor close to the stage, to acknowledging that at some point someone small will need the toilet.

When the show ends, the actors continue to engage with the audience, encouraging children to talk about what they have seen, while happily posing for photographs.

White teaches its audience the real importance of colour and will leave grown-ups and kids alike with smiles on their faces.

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