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Time hasn't dimmed the power of Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers, Belgrade, Coventry, until March 11.

Did you hear the story of the Johnstone twins? It’s been over 15 years since I last saw Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers and it certainly didn’t disappoint all these years on.

For those who don't know, this show - originally written by Russell as a school play -went on to have one of the longest runs ever in London's West End.

Set in Liverpool - where else? - in the 1960s, it follows the story of twin boys, Mickey (Sean Jones) and Edward (Mark Hutchinson) separated at birth, and brought up with very different life expectations.

Lyn Paul has the plum role of Mrs Johnstone, who loves going dancing but makes her critical decision in a world "living on the never never, constant as the changing weather...."

I liked the boys' scenes together as they grow to manhood and really enjoyed the performance of Linda, Sean's girlfriend, who on Monday was played by understudy Alison Crawford.

She brought so much energy, laughter and downright charisma to this multi-award winning musical, which is packed full of great songs from beginning to end.

True, the play is dated, but it showcases Russell's take on the class system as the twins develop - both good and decent individuals but with very different life chances.

An emotional rollercoaster with some excellent narration by Dean Chisnall.

Nature or Nurture? Book your ticket and decide for yourself.

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