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Passion and perfection in sizzling show

Tango Fire, Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry, February 23 only. The speed and passion of Argentinian dance blew away the last of storm Doris as an international dance troupe took to the stage. The Tango Fire Company of Buenos Aires, choreographed by German Cornejo, were in town for one night only to introduce their spectacular show to an impressed audience. Music was provided by the excellent band consisting of pianist, double bassist, accordionist and violinist, with regular solo songs too. The show started with a look of innocence, the women dancers in pretty skirts, dancing through flirty scenes with the men. It progressed through increasingly skimpy costume changes to a final scene bathed in red light, the women all in red, looking as though it was set in a bordello. The first, shorter, half was a series of different settings involving five couples dancing together, introducing us to the speed and intricacy of the movements of tango, the male and female bodies complementing each other with amazing precision. In the second there were more dances where couples showed off their skills together, in scenes they choreographed themselves, showcasing their own styles; women were twirled around their men, thrown into the air and landing precisely. One woman’s costume of a body stocking with well-placed green beads was an act of bravery in itself. The final dance took us back to a seedy Argentinian club, with the women seated astride chairs which were used as props for the dance. The group have had sell-out shows across the world for the past 11 years and it’s easy to see why - they didn’t seem to put a foot or note wrong in a fast, fascinating show.


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