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Belgrade, Coventry, until February 4.

Blow away the January blues watching a high-energy performance taking you back to the optimistic American summer of 1963.

The opening scene sees Frances (Baby) having a premonition of the summer to come at Kellerman’s family camp, and what’s in store for the audience. But while guests at the camp are having fun out front, the real entertainment takes place in the staff quarters.

Romance and love affairs blossom and fail, but the music never falters. You’ll find yourself singing along to old favourites, including Hey Baby, Big Girls Don’t Cry, Do You Love Me, among others.

Swivels, kicks, lifts and gyrating hips get your feet tapping along. Patrick Swayze in the film version is a hard act to follow, but Karl James Wilson brings passion to the role that gets the audience’s hearts racing, and when that shirt comes off, hold on to your chocolates!

Coventry-born Katie Eccles lights up the crowd with a performance that certainly doesn’t put Baby in the corner as she portrays Frances coming of age. She manages to capture her innocence and enthusiasm and her sense of justice. The dancing is mesmerising and there are strong performances from the whole cast.

The set plays a distinctive role, with some unexpected special effects which will make you smile.

Go on, feed your guilty pleasure and...have the time of your life!


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