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Wham-Bam! Thank you cans, for a stomping good show

Stomp, Warwick Arts Centre, ended Feb 4

If you've ever joyously tapped your spoon against your mug or drummed your fingers rhythmically on the table then you will love how 'Stomp' takes percussion to a whole new level.

Straight out of the West End, the quality of the show is obvious from the start.

It's an exhilarating mix of dance, music, rhythm and visual comedy. The producers know the beats will get you wanting to join in, so thankfully audience participation is actively encouraged.

At times quiet, no more than the shaking of matches in a box, at others it lives up to its name and is stompingly loud.

The choreography of the highly skilled dancer-musicians throughout is what makes you feel you really are watching a big West End show.

There is real expertise in the use of lighting though, with beats perfectly matched to the flames of various lighters at one point.

Adults and kids alike laughed out loud at the hilarious kitchen sink playing. It's enough to make want you to go home, get your marigolds on and give it a go.

The dustbin-crashing volume could well be why the show is recommended for age six upwards, but my five year old managed just fine with ear defenders on hand for the louder parts and a packet of sweets.

Scores for Warwick Arts Centre in bagging this inspirational show on its UK tour are surely ten out of ten. Come back soon to Coventry, Stompers.


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