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Tune in as City of Culture celebrations kick off

By Barbara Goulden

There's no doubt members of Coventry's City of Culture 2021 team have been set some unique challenges - not least how to bring in the crowds without creating a Covid hotspot.

One early response is the city-wide Coventry Moves celebration of stories, jokes and music that can all be enjoyed on Saturday (June 5) from the comfort of your own home or front garden.

All you have to do is fire up your computer or tune in to BBC CWR or any other local radio station.

You can share the experience with family or neighbours by each of you tuning in to a different community station and combining the sound effects. It all comes together at the appropriately timed 20.21 (8.21pm).

But this all-day online event really kicks off at 8am on Saturday with Selecter star Pauline Black singing a specially comissioned song based on Coventry's hidden River Sherbourne - the river that quietly flows beneath our layers of ring road and is rarely seen by any of us except at its source near Allesley.

The Sherbourne is in the process of being released from its concrete collar by local developers who recognise the environmental appeal of a city water course.

To get the full agenda for what sounds like a great radio and laptop day, visit You can also follow proceedings via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @ Coventry2021 to see short films online.

And somewhere during the proceedings you'll meet up with not one, but 14 modern Lady Godivas - yes, Pru will be among them - who want to share what the legend means to them. There's also the history of the city's bicycling industry and a celebration in music and dance of our pioneering car manufacturing industry.

And for the final event, tune in to one - or all - of the community radio stations to hear Coventry's children's voices creating a giant surround sound system...that's where the neighbours come in with their radios.

For more information to take part go to:

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