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Trump radio satire with a serious underbelly

Donald Trump: This Isn't Happening, BBC iPlayer, 44mins

One of the whackiest series on Radio 4 over the past few weeks has been The Republicans - well worth catching on iPlayer.

The satire with the very serious underbelly ended, appropriately enough, with a highly entertaining spoof on Donald Trump.

We first meet him on one of his Scottish golf courses and it doesn't end well. In real life, Trump once boasted he could shoot a man on Fifth Avenue and nobody would care. Here his game of golf ends with him borrowing a gun from his secret service agent and killing his caddie.

This is after he's waxed lyrical about his family links to "Stormaway" and then loses his temper after being informed he's known on his own course as the "Commander in Cheats."

After fighting his way back to America there's worse to come from playwright Jonathan Myerson whose edge-of-libel lines emerge from the mouth of mime artist Lewis MacLeod in a dazzlingly realistic Trump voice.

I've discovered this series late but know other Republicans are pilloried in earlier episodes still available on iPlayer and via Google.

These include George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan - persuaded to stand for president because he wasn't getting enough acting parts - Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon.

Whether any political balance will emerge in a companion Democratic series remains to be seen.

Back in the White House, Trump is treated to a Charles Dickens' style trial as figures from as far back as Abraham Lincoln come back to haunt him with accusations of murdering the Republican party.

Meanwhile a television crew want to put him on an urban survivor reality show, daughter Ivanka wants to create a presidential White House dynasty and wife Melania appears to be best friends with Vladimir Putin.

Americans always prefer to vote for a guy with more jokes than IQ points says someone - while Trump calls for that popular Brit to come over and lend him a hand: Nigel Farage.

I've still not heard every episode of this surprisingly hard-edged "Dead Ringers" style comic series but it's definitely one to sit back and let wash over you on a wet afternoon.

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