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The Magic of Morgan & West

Five-year-old Toby from Coventry meets Mr Morgan & Mr West. Photo by Ann Evans.

Morgan & West's MASSIVE Magic Show! Macready Theatre, Rugby, 12 February 2024.

Review by Ann Evans


There was a magical treat in store for youngsters and their accompanying adults, at Macready Theatre in Rugby with a Magic Show by the Time Travelling twosome, Mr Morgan and Mr West.


From the moment you arrived at the theatre, they were geared to entertain the children with colouring sheets and coloured pencils, and once in the auditorium, the stage was intriguingly set as a creepy old mansion with all kinds of magician-type accessories including some boxes hanging from ribbons. We soon discovered that the first thing to know was – don’t drop the box! Do so, at your peril!


This hilarious double act soon had the theatre in uproar, as Mr Morgan caused chaos with his magic tricks and creepy stories, while Mr West, did his utmost to try and keep the whole thing under control. Needless to say, the box did get dropped and ghostly consequences ensued.


There was a great atmosphere with an air of steampunk to the setting along with this dynamic duo's Victorian appearance. There was never a dull moment, with the young audience engaged from start to finish. The show was packed with lively story-telling, mime, music, perfectly timed sound effects and clever lighting. Oh yes - and lots of magic!


This talented twosome made sure there was plenty of audience participation – especially for the finale with eight or nine children up on stage helping with a magic trick.  There was chaos, laughter, creepy ghostly things going on – and magic.  And it wasn’t just the kids who had a great afternoon, grown-ups appeared to love the show too.


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