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The Grey Mist, Priory Theatre, Review


The Grey Mist, Priory Theatre Kenilworth, 25-31 October by Barbara Goulden As I explained to Sandra Godley on BBC CWR minutes before The Priory's opening night, "I'm not one for horror or spooky stories - and this is definitely not a play to take your children to during half-term." Having said that, Anthony Stamp's script does contain more than a little dark humour - especially from the old gardener Corby as he tells the good Doctor Trent how people used to come from miles around to watch a public hanging....that was the old days and "all good things come to an end." Now it's the1920s and a far more civilised era as the new junior doctor, played with increasing agitation by Phil Spencer, takes up his post in an isolated rural practice where the patients seem to have long memories. I particularly enjoyed the doctor's scenes with Corby, played by Gerard Hudson, who has great fun with his part in the proceedings, as does Anita Dalton, wafting her feather duster about as Kate, the maid. The nine-strong cast of The Grey Mist pace the action and build up the tension chillingly helped by narrator Kevin Coughlan who puts in stylish regular appearances to keep us all up to date with the plot. And when it comes to dressing for the part I loved Julia Norbury's afternoon tea dresses as she took on the role of romantic interest Gill. And where on earth did they buy that blue geometric pullover for the doctor to wear in Act Two? Originally this play was scheduled to be performed in 2020 says Connor Cunningham and joint director Karen Shayler who also took on a couple of smaller parts of Miss Denham and Mrs Mumpkin on Monday. Since the Covid enforced break the little theatre on Rosemary Hill has just enjoyed a £100,000 plus refurbishment. Practically every one of its 120 seats were full on Monday night. I hope this full capacity continues throughout the run because it you like a bit of spook with your Halloween then you might have to hide under your facemask for this one. Though I only did that once. Honest.

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