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The Albany Theatre, preview: All Above Board

by Barbara Goulden Chaos reigns in a new farce written by none other than Nigel Planer, best known for his appearances, in reverse order, in Death in Paradise, Blackadder, Comic Strip Presents and The Young Ones. Planer has written All Above Board which he plans to premiere in Merseyside at the end of August before it arrives at The Albany in Coventry on September 7 and 8 at the start of a nationwide tour. Mistaken identities and disastrous decisions abound as a bunch of do-gooders hellbent on making the world a better place, lose the plot - then their morals and, inevitably, their clothes. It's all in the best traditions of British farce, insists Planer, who introduces us to former banker Timothy, who is busy planning a charity auction to help those less fortunate than himself. But then there's his vengeful former wife and shameless PR agent to contend with. For tickets and more information go to:

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