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Spectacular shows lined up for City of Culture climax

By Barbara Goulden

What sounds like the most spectacular performance since Coventry's Millennium Night celebrations is due to hit Broadgate on May 13 and 14.

Those old enough to remember the astonishing tightrope walk from the spire of Holy Trinity Church across to the Cathedral which celebrated the start of 2000, will almost certainly want to see the French company, Gratte Ciel, whose members specialise in breathtaking aerial acrobatics full of colour and music.

This troupe of multi-national acrobats (in action, above) have presented shows around the world, including such places as in Montreal, Stockholm, Buenos Aires, and Adelaide. And with the final month of City of Culture just started, they have been booked to premiere their latest production, which looks amazing, but is simply entitled The Awakening.

Tickets cost from as little as £5. For more details visit the website.

Meanwhile, at the Telegraph Hotel in Corporation Street there's a chance to mentally transport yourself even higher with Machine Memoirs: Space. This is a 360-degree immersive exhibition offering a choice of up to two million images taken in recent years by satellites and telescopes. The pictures are all in the archives of The Reel Store and will be available to view from May 13 right through until October.

Also planned for May 14 is a carnival-style parade through Coventry city centre celebrating the diversity of the city and all those who have contributed to the 18 months of culture.

Other innovative plans include a free16-minute drone show in the War Memorial Park on May 15. Apparently all those living within four kilometres of the park should be able to enjoy the sight from their own balconies or doorsteps. The view may well be better from inside the park, but walk or take the bus. You can put money on not being able to the park.

This whole drone experience is mysteriously called The Wilder Family because it will focus on nature and the movements of flocks of birds, amongst other natural phenomena.

Finally from May 27 to 29 there'll be Radio 1s Big Weekend, again taking over the Memorial Park with music from Ed Sheeran, George Ezra and Anne-Marie among many others.

Details of all shows at

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