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Rugby Theatre preview, Six Dead Queens and an Inflatable Henry

Six Dead Queens and an Inflatable Henry, 5 - 12 March, Rugby Theatre, Henry Street.


Divorced, beheaded, revived! Almost two years after its dress rehearsal, a ‘madcap’ show based on the ill-fated wives of Henry VIII is first on the bill at the newly reopened Rugby Theatre.

Six Dead Queens and an Inflatable Henry blends history, satire and cabaret in an outrageous tale of three Catherines, two Annes and one Jane.

Director David Allen said: “I am excited and thrilled at the prospect of re-opening our theatre with a slightly madcap piece.

. “The show is funny, dramatic, moving and in some cases completely bonkers!”

It was set to open in March 2020, but the pandemic forced the theatre to close just hours before its opening night.

"The show had reached its final dress rehearsal when we had to close our doors. It was a mixture of isappointment and upset as the hard work seemingly had gone for nothing," David added.

“But the time gave me an opportunity to make the piece slicker, with more topical references. The cast, two of whom are new, have come back full of ideas, energy and enthusiasm.”

The six queens are trapped together in eternity and forced to share one husband, and one bed, upon which they sing, dance and fight to assert themselves.

As each accepts the challenge of being her true self, enemies are transformed into comrades, and the women band together to raise a raucous royal coup against their fat, flaccid inflatable spouse.

“Insanity is present throughout but not without tinges of pathos and grief,” David said.

“All the historical references are accurate, although some of the up-to-date quips we may have taken a few liberties with. And yes – Henry will make an appearance!”

Tickets available from the box office on 01788 541234, or

This production contains themes of an adult nature.

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