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Queen of Flanders Tent, Coventry, preview: 360 AllStars

360 AllStars, The Queen of Flanders tent, Assembly Garden, Coventry, August 20 - September 12.

Following the success of Circolombia, another high-octane circus show takes up residence in the extraordinary Queen of Flanders tent for a three-week run into September.

Described as a super-charged urban circus, 360 AllStars has been around a bit and is a veteran of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, a run on Broadway and another at Sydney Opera House.

It features some of the best practitioners in what might be called skills coming up from the streets. There are champion break-dancers, a BMX World Record holder, top basketball freestylers and beatboxers. It's going to be loud and physical, and it sounds fun.

Tickets from £8 to £20 from the box office at the Assembly Garden or at

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