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Loft Theatre preview: The Children

The Children, Loft Theatre, Leamington, September 8-18.

By Peter Walters

A tsunami has hit the east coast of England, threatening to devastate a nuclear power station right in its path and destroying the peace of a retired couple who live in a nearby cottage.

Both former nuclear scientists, they know exactly the implications of this unfolding catastrophe, but it is the unsettling visit they now receive from a former colleague that has truly life-changing consequences for them both. Lucy Kirkwood's award-winning play, performed locally by Coventry's Criterion Theatre a year or two back, actually began a week-long run at The Loft on March 16 last year, but fell victim to lockdown after a single night's performance.

Director William Wilkinson says, "The play grips from the first moment to the last and will stay with you long after the lights have faded on its shocking ending. Told with the lightest of touches, romantic implications and sharp wit, it confronts the legacy the older generation has bequeathed their children."

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