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Like There's No Tomorrow

Like There's No Tomorrow, Belgrade Theatre, Coventry (streamed 19 May to 13 June).

Last year, the National Theatre commissioned the Belgrade's Youth Theatre to create a piece of theatre about climate change, as part of its NT Connections programme and in recognition of the Belgrade's pioneering Theatre In Education work, back in the 1960s. It was the first play to be commissioned from, and co-created by, young people rather than adult professional playwrights, and now Like There's No Tomorrow is returning in a brand new digital version, available to view online from 19 May until mid-June.

Set in a world where habitats are turning into wastelands and pressure on resources is creating a new wave of climate refugees, the play focuses on a mayoral election in a place that seems far distant from such concerns - except for at least one character. Maru, who is finding it hard to breathe.

The Belgrade is hosting this year's NT Connections Festival, on 4 and 5 June, in which participating companies will be filming their productions on the B2 stage, alongside the Belgrade's own contribution.

Justine Themen, co-Artistic Director of the Belgrade, said, "We chose to make a piece about climate change because it is the urgent issue of our time. The play was co-created with our 2020 Young Company, who were involved in every stage of the process, from shaping the narrative to improvising the dialogue. As a result, the play is a rich reflection of young people's thoughts and ideas about the crisis the world finds itself in - plenty of fear but also plenty of hope. We hope the show helps people to understand the urgent need for global thinking and systemic change and to think about how they can contribute."

Like There's No Tomorrow will be available to stream from 19 May to 13 June. Tickets are free but donations to support the work of the Belgrade and Warwickshire Wildlife Trust are welcomed. Tickets at

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