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Jon Boden and the Remnant Strings: Preview

Assembly Festival Garden, Little Park Street: Monday August 30 at 7pm

It might have been a little crowded on-stage as the Remnant Strings’ line-up ran to eleven at the last count, including a who’s who of folk stars plus a string and brass section.

But the number has been cut somewhat for smaller venues such as the Festival Garden.

Rows of seats may be somewhat crowded as well. Coventry is not short of old “folkies” and Boden, the former lead singer of Bellowhead, is a well-known figure on the circuit. He has a quarter of a million album sales under his belt. Plus seven singles on the Radio 2 playlist.

A memorable Monday is promised for this Bank Holiday. A long one too.The duration is estimated at three hours and 15 minutes.

Tickets are from £14.


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