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Into The Breeches!

Into The Breeches! Adapted from the play by George Brant, directed by Daniel Peckett and Katie McGee. The Saints, Allesley Village Hall, Coventry, from 9 – 13 October 2023.


Set in 1982 at the dawning of the Falklands War. "Into the Breeches!" delves into the journey of a drama company led by the dedicated director, Maggie Dalton, who valiantly shoulders the responsibility of leading the production of Shakespeare’s Henriad along with her star and method acting thespian, Celeste Fielding.

Maggie and her cast must band together while taking on unconventional roles and navigating the complexities of their personal lives. Through this process, they learn about themselves and each other as they discover the true power of art and community. United in making a stand for change - The Show Must go On!

The Saints Dramatic Society was established in 1959 and produces tree plays year in Feb, May and October, ranging from the classics to new contemporary plays. They perform in Allesley Village Hall, Coventry, and warmly welcome newcomers of 18 and over who have an interest in the theatre, whether that's the acting and directing side of things, or behind the scenes with set design, costume, lighting, sound etc. The group meet every Monday and Thursday in Allesley Village Hall at 7.30pm.

Tickets for Into The Breeches are £8 adult, £7 concessions. Box Office: 07927 319985


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