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Horrible Histories® Wicked Warwick Returns to Warwick Castle

From 22 July 2023 Horrible Histories’® Wicked Warwick is back at Warwick Castle for the summer.

Biggest Summer in History sees hilarious history show return with brand-new quips and characters. Horrible Histories’® Wicked Warwick will be telling the horrible history of this amazing fortress.

From Warwick Castle’s true founder, Ethelfleda – Lady of the Mercians, and William the Conqueror – who commissioned the stone fortress we see today, to the gorgeous Georgian that was George Greville of Warwick, this 30-minute rollercoaster of a show hurtles through a thousand years of horrible history to reveal the terrible truth behind the turrets.

Returning on July 22nd – just in time for the summer holidays – the live stage show will see just two actors perform as over 20 characters as they tell 1,000 years of Warwick Castle’s history in just 30 minutes.

In true, Horrible Histories ® style, this live show will bring jokes, quips, and hilarity galore as it tells the tales of the more terrifying side of history. Audiences can expect plenty of banter and stage shenanigans from a show that promises to keep all ages laughing with its quick-witted jokes and playful songs, which whisk visitors back in time.

Brought to life by the actors from the Birmingham Stage Company, audiences young and old will love the new script and original take on the history of one of the UK’s most iconic castles.

What’s more, Terry Deary fans will love visiting the castle’s Horrible Histories® Maze, getting lost in time and engaging with interactive games and activities as they navigate their way through history – from the Vicious Vikings to the Vile Victorians.

Returning as part of the Biggest Summer in History, Wicked Warwick is included in the cost of a day ticket – from £32 per person when booked in advance.

Adding to an already jam-packed array of activities and shows, including The Legend of the Trebuchet, The Falconer’s Quest, Zog Live show, Wars of the Roses LIVE!, The Princess Tower and Zog Playland, visitors will be amazed as the castle unleashes history this summer.

Make sure you don’t miss out on the extraordinary events and amazing entertainment on offer at the castle and buy your tickets here:


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