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Have a magical time with Jester

Jester Styles, Assembly Garden, Coventry, July 27 -Aug 29.

By Barbara Goulden

Believe it or not there's a master of mystery, magic and mischief heading to the Piccolo tent for children in Coventry's new Assembly Garden. We at Elementary What's On don't now his real name, only that "Jester Styles" was actually born in Coventry and now travels the world doing close-up stage magic, mind-reading, and a spot of metal bending. His act is said to be suitable for kids aged from five to 15. Well, maybe not quite 15, but mums and dads are likely to enjoy it. One of them who saw the show in Edinburgh before lockdown described it as "slick, fascinating, and a little bit spooky." Make of that what you will. But Jester Styles certainly promises to be different - and oh yes, there's a few fire tricks thrown in for good measure. Elementary's youngest reviewers are already booked in to see his first performance and will report back on their experiences as soon as this international man of mystery turns up in the Assembly Garden on the afternoon of July 27. Jester Styles also promises that as long a nobody chucks old tomatoes at him, he'll keep making us laugh with his tricks and antics right through the summer until August 29. For tickets and more information visit www.assemblyfestivalgarden.com