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Exploring isolation in the company of a polar bear

Social distancing will be observed at the Shop Front Theatre in Coventry for next month's performance of a new play by Vanessa Oakes. The intriguingly named "Mademoiselle F" focuses on isolation - very near to our hearts as we emerge from Covid - along with our links to the natural world and some aspects of mental health. May not sound especially engaging at first but if you trust the sort of work Theatre Absolute usually produces at its theatre in City Arcade - which I personally do - then you will hopefully be prepared to give this piece a chance. The play runs from June 9th until June 12 and lasts just an hour and ten minutes. It also comes with a clutch of good reviews from other locations and much praise for Miriam Edwards whose performance has been described as "spellbinding." Oh yes, there's also a polar bear! . Perhaps best not to ask too many questions about the bear, just sit back and enjoy how the creature links into this slightly surreal story directed by Coventry University theatre academic Mark Evans. Mark hopes the play, which is suitable for both adults and children over the age of 12, will shed some light not only on our natural world but the much misunderstood condition of OCD - obsessive compulsive disorder. Tickets are limited and selling fast. For more information visit the Theatre Absolute website: or telephone 07799 292957.

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