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Demand for Gatsby tickets forces move to larger venue

The Great Gatsby, July 31, 6.30pm, Leamington Rugby Club (performance relocated from Hill Close Gardens, Warwick).

One of the cast of Heartbreak Productions has been asked to self-isolate and so the one-night-only performance has been postponed from July 13 to July 31, still at Leamington Rugby Club.

Seems everyone's tired of Covid restrictions now. Due to the high demand for tickets, Heartbreak Productions are moving their open-air performance of The Great Gatsby to the grounds of Leamington Rugby Club.

The play, based on the classic Scott Fitzgerald novel, was due to be set in the more intimate surroundings of Hill Close Gardens in Warwick where audiences were invited to take along a picnic as they follow the tale of Nick Carraway, Daisy Buchanan and the mysterious millionaire Gatsby, which ends in tragedy.

You can still take a picnic to the show, but head for the more spacious venue of the rugby club's Moorfields site off Kenilworth Road, Blackdown, Leamington.

That way social distancing can be better observed.

Members of Heartbreak have been touring their award-winning outdoor productions for the past 30 years and have four teams of actors performing at different venues throughout the summer.

Tickets sold for the Warwick venue will be valid for the rugby club. Ticket holders who can't get to the new venue should contact Hill Close Gardens on 01926 493339.

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