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Belgrade Theatre previews: The great autumn line-up

By Barbara Goulden

There are so many great shows coming to the Belgrade this autumn that it's hard to know which to feature first.

There's not only the hit West End musical Six, featuring the wives of Henry Vlll and how they got their own back, albeit 500 years later, on from September 27 to October 2.

There's also the 20th-century dystopian drama Quiet Rebels (pictured above), which weaves the untold true stories of the white women who defied racial prejudice to marry black men who had come over to the "mother country" aboard ships like HMS Windrush.

Quiet Rebels, written and directed by Julie McNamara, runs in the B2 theatre from September 10 to 17.

Or how about a visit to Fat Sam's Grand Slam Speakeasy in the brilliant Bugsy Malone? It's great fun for young and old alike with songs to sing along with.

Bugsy runs from September 13-18.

Then in October there's a chance to do the Time Warp again with return of the ever-popular cult hit The Rocky Horror Show.

Not sure Dame Iain Lauchlan will be up for that one although he is looking for nine to 16-year-olds to audition for this year's Christmas panto, Jack and the Beanstalk. Auditions are on September 9 when all candidates will be taught a dance routine and then asked to have a bash. My guess is the dance won't be the Time Warp - although you never know!

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