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Belgrade preview: Jabala and the Jinn, livestreamed and online from March 27

Jabala and the Jinn, livestreamed from the Belgrade, Sat, March 27, 3pm.

Asif Khan’s new children’s play will be premiered online on Mar 27, followed by a Q&A with Asif, director Rosamunde Hutt, the performers, and the creative team.

A pre-recorded performance of the show will then be available to stream on the theatre’s website from Wed, March 31 to Sat, April 24.

The play tells the story of schoolgirl Jabala whose mum has recently died, and whose dad is struggling. One morning, she hears a voice speaking to her in Arabic – but there’s no one there. Could it be her mum? Has she imagined it?

With the help of a new refugee boy at school Jabala summons the Jinn (or genie). But this is nothing like the Jinns she’s heard about in her grandma’s stories. Jabala is in for a big surprise!

The tale of a little girl’s playful and adventurous encounter with a very cheeky Jinn is told through a combination of physical theatre, music and new writing.

Asif Khan, an award-winning playwright and actor, is passionate about creating stories drawing on his own experience of growing up as a Muslim in Britain.

He said: “We don’t see much theatre about British Muslims, particularly for this age group (five to eight years). These are children who are experiencing theatre for the first time, so seeing something that that they can relate to will bring them back to the theatre again. It’s so important to see yourself represented…I know growing up I didn’t have that, and we can underestimate how important that is to children.”

Director Rosamunde Hutt said: "Jabala and the Jinn is funny, poignant and full of heart, featuring three children who revel in the unexpected and face jeopardy and change with resilience and optimism. To complete the mix we've got a vibrant set and lighting design, and witty evocative original music.”

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