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Assembly Festival Garden, Coventry, preview: Morgan & West present The Three Musketeers

Morgan & West Present: The Three Musketeers, Piccolo tent, Assembly Festival Garden, Coventry, 13 August 13-September 5.

Alexandre Dumas's rollicking tale of men with swords, big hats and big moustaches gets a new spin for a family audience in the hands of performers Rhys Morgan and Robert West (pictured), who describe themselves as gentlemen magicians.

The magic, of course, will be in watching how a double act manages to handle a show based on literature's most famous trio. Can they find a way of retrieving the Queen's diamond and confounding their mortal enemy Cardinal Richelieu? And what became of the third musketeer?

Tickets from £7 are available at the Assembly Garden and from the booking site at

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