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All Hail George Hinchliffe’s Humorous Ukeleles

George Hinchcliffe's Uklele Orchestra of Great Britain. Photo courtesy of Warwick Arts Centre.

George Hinchliffe’s Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain at Warwick Arts Centre on 28 October 2023.

Preview by Anne Cee.

Put down your plectrum and let The Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain pluck you into a maelstrom of musical comedy. Who else could take an instrument as understated and as humble as the ukulele and sprinkle it with magic to produce a show that is renown for its quirky originality and magnificent musicality?

The virtuosic fun that is infused throughout this orchestra’s work fills me with confidence that this is a night that will be filled with unadulterated joy. I invite you to come and join in with the high jinks and jollity!


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