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'Alice' with a contemporary twist

'Alice' at The Criterion Theatre, Earlsdon, Coventry, running from 10 to 17 December. Preview.

The psychedelic set is painted, the dressing rooms are full of weird and wonderful costumes, and the cast of 21 actors are giving their all… it must nearly be showtime!

Get your tickets now for Alice by Laura Wade, a modern adaptation of the Lewis Carroll classic. Don’t miss this fabulous production. Your favourite Wonderland characters are there but with an exciting contemporary twist. A spokesperson from the theatre said it has been so wonderful to be working with two teams of young actors from our drama classes, for most of whom this has been their first opportunity ever to be on stage due to the pandemic. The production also has original music and songs. It’s all great fun and perfect family watching.

Let’s get the festive season off to a good start with sell out performances every night!

‘Alice’ opens at the Criterion Theatre from 10 - 17 December to 17. Tickets available from the theatre’s website:

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