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Albany Theatre preview: AAAAA

AAAAA, Albany Theatre Coventry, May 30.

By Barbara Goulden

All local theatres are hoping to re-open on May 17. Phew!

And if they do, first out of the wings in Coventry will be a newly-written production called Five A.....or rather AAAAA.

Don't ask. In fact you can't ask because Jodie Dickson, spokeswoman for the Albany, says she wants to maintain "an air of mystery" surrounding this play, or maybe series of playlets. Who knows?

Like all other theatres, The Albany has had to cancel much of its spring season of great sounding productions.

And all we, at, can discern about this socially-distanced return, is that AAAAA comes from the London-based Proforca Theatre Company who are sharing this premiere with a London opening.

This is due to Coventry's City of Culture status and the fact that several of the writers have links to the city.

We do know it's a fringe production - how can it be other with a title like that? We also know Proforca are pretty highly regarded in London, and that the wording on their rehearsal tin promises an evening of storytelling that is "brave, dynamic and emotionally-charged".

Several stories intertwined, we would guess.

For tickets go to: or telephone: 024 7699 8964.

The theatre advises that this is suitable for ages 14+ as it contains very strong language and adult themes.

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