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Full Steam Ahead for Playbox children

Shakespeare and Railway Children put the Dream Factory back on track

Playbox, the Warwick-based theatre of children and young people, has launched Phoenix Project to bring the theatre back to life after the pandemic forced closure and a restructure of the company.

For Autumn/Winter 2020 two extra-special productions "full of wonder, joy and happiness" have been created, taking on board the necessity for social distancing.


(opens October 17)

An installation mixing young performers, film, visuals, special effects, music, lighting and a newly recorded soundtrack made in collaboration with Playbox alumni.

In 1576, William Shakespeare may have visited The Princely Pleasures, at the Court in Kenilworth Castle - three weeks of revels to entertain Queen Elizabeth on her Royal Progress to the town.

Imagine arriving in the shade of an evening garden, long shadows, birdsong and a fountain with life giving water, the sense for guests of an island of tranquillity, lush and with the odour of summer.

Dreaming transforms the heart of Playbox’s Dream Factory into a bold, new installation, inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream - a story of magic, transformation, young love, the joy of theatre and otherworldliness.

With the text extracts specially recorded by members of Playbox esteemed alumni, the pageant will be revealed, in sequence, around the balconies of the theatre, following the route of the play from The Court of Athens through the midsummer wood and after a night of confusion back to a fabulous Royal Wedding in the Court.

Opening October 17 at 3.30pm & 4.30pm with subsequent shows on Sunday 18, 2pm / 3pm / 4pm and Saturday October 24th 2pm / 3pm / 4pm (further performances to be announced)

Dreaming is supported by The Reynolds Foundation.


(Christmas 2020)

Playbox Theatre believes that Christmas is needed more than ever this year and has created a new type of show, housed in its main space with social distancing integrated with a unique design evoking the Golden Age of Steam.

This is The Railway Children, inspired by the book by E.Nesbit and originally written for Playbox by Paul Wignall.

A company of young actors with a creative team of directors, designers, video designers and soundscape artists will take audiences back to the romantic era of railway travel in a story of hope, joy, reunion and human kindness after a period of isolation.

The story is one of the most popular ever told for children and its warmth equally shared by adults.

It opens at the Dream Factory, Warwick, on Friday 18 December at 7pm with further performances on 19,20,21 and 22 December.

Full details on all of these new productions and the evolution of The Phoenix Project at Playbox Theatre will be available in the autumn.

Playbox Theatre

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