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BBC iPlayer review: Wise Children

Wise Children, BBC iPlayer

I'm a huge fan of Angela Carter. When an adaptation of her novel came to the Belgrade last April, I not only bought tickets for myself but took the whole family along. Because of this, I was unsure whether I wanted to watch it again on the small screen. Live theatre isn’t simply about saying the lines effectively and matching movement to them. At its best the connection of the live audience and the performers creates something magical that can’t be captured through the medium of television. Having said that even on TV, Wise Children is a great way to forget about the troubles of the day and lose yourself in a cornucopia of silliness. Set in Brixton, Nora and Dora are twin sisters who have a family history of troubles and joy. They take you through their life story with a combination of fury at the father who deserted them before they were born and an exhilarating determination to live life to the full. Nothing is held back, particularly when Nora takes centre stage, and be prepared for some forthright language. The stage if filled with fantastic performance from puppetry, to ballet, to songs that tear at your heartstrings. You just know that these actors want you to enjoy yourself. I did miss the banter between Nora and the audience but watching live performance on telly had some advantages - such as having your gin and tonic in a glass rather than an unappealing plastic beaker, and not having to queue around the block for the loo. So if you want to couple of hours of fun and zest for life, look for Wise Children on BBC iPlayer.

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