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Performance artists get a shutdown challenge

The Belgrade and Coventry's City of Culture Trust are offering £200 each to performance artists who could win the chance to showcase their work next month.

Normally the Shoot Festival is staged before a live audience. This time the event's been re-titled the Shut Down But Scratching Shoot Festival - and that's due to go ahead on April 15.

In a rapid response to the coronavirus restrictions, organisers are looking to commission 10 "early career" artists to develop a piece around the theme "Imagine."

And that might just have to be filmed in their front rooms.

Belgrade spokeswoman Heather Kincaid said: "Perhaps you can envisage a better tomorrow, take us on a spectacular journey from your living room, or create an imagined reality for us all to escape into."

There's been so much publicity about the impact of Covid-19 on theatres, pubs and restaurants, but less about the knock-on effect all the closures have on independent artists who rely on all these venues to share their work...and trial it earn a living.

Festival organisers are looking for online applications from theatre-makers, musicians, poets, dancers, visual and digital artists...all are welcome to apply.

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