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Criterion Theatre preview: Lovesong

Lovesong, Criterion Theatre, Coventry, March 14-21.

It's 40 years since William and Margaret tied the knot and now, with half a lifetime of love and shared experiences behind them, they have become Billy and Maggie.

Abi Morgan's tender love story depicts the couple at these two key stages of their lives, tracing their story as the optimism of youth fades and the wisdom of experience grows sharper.

Inspired by TS Eliot's poem, The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock, the play intertwines past and present selves in a haunting tale of togetherness, echoing both fondness and regrets as they recall their lives together. Christine Ingall directs for the Criterion.

Tickets online from or from the box office at 024 7667 5175.

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