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Loft Theatre preview: The Children

The Children, Loft Theatre, Leamington, March 16-21.

In a remote cottage on the Cumbrian coast, a couple in their sixties are trying to begin a new life in retirement. They are comfortable enough, but the world outside is reeling from a catastrophic accident at the nearby nuclear plant where they both used to work.

As if this isn't unsettling enough, the unexpected arrival of an old colleague disrupts their fragile isolation and forces them to re-examine their past, and what remains of their future.

Lucy Kirkwood's play, deftly weaving global issues with domestic tribulations, premiered at the Royal Court in London in 2016 and was later nominated for a Tony Award on Broadway.

William Williamson, director for The Loft, said: "The play grips from the first moment to the last and will stay with you long after the lights have faded on its shocking ending. An apparently simple domestic evening following a nuclear disaster winds you in inexorably to confront the legacy the older generation have bequeathed their children."

Tickets at or from the box office on 01926 830860.

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