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Albany Theatre preview: 3 Hail Mary's

3 Hail Mary's, Albany Theatre, Coventry, Mar 13.

A comedy with tears, confronting the poignant subject of dementia with a string of hilarious one-liners and three larger-than-life characters, arrives from Ireland at the Albany Theatre for one night only in the run-up to St Patrick's Day.

Mary O'Toole, Mary O'Neill and Mary O'Brien have shared their lives, and not a few memory lapses, in a nursing home for more than 10 years. Now almost inseparable, they must part, due to circumstances beyond their control, and prepare for life far apart, in different corners of Ireland.

Tommy Marren's much acclaimed play focuses on their last few hours together, introducing sing-songs, a decapitated statue, a chicken plucker and a fish that got away, to underline the emotional impact of their parting. It has been hailed for its sensitive and compassionate approach to a condition that affects so many families.

As Marren himself explains, the intention is not that audiences laugh AT the three Marys, but laugh WITH them.

Tickets online at or from the box office at 024 7699 8964.

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