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Loft Theatre preview: The Caretaker

The Caretaker, Loft Theatre, Leamington, 26 February-7 March

It's 60 years since the first performance of The Caretaker, Harold Pinter's most performed play, a timely moment, perhaps, for a revival of this timeless classic in the accomplished hands of The Loft.

Aston, a kindly but vulnerable soul, offers shelter in his chaotic attic flat to Davies, an ageing down-and-out, who immediately makes himself at home - until the arrival of Mick, his host's much less accommodating brother.

In the battle of wits that follows, the brothers seek to manipulate the old man to their own ends, but Davies has his own agenda and not everything is as it seems.

Director Gordon Vallins said, "This extraordinary tragi-comedy, with its unique voice and three remarkable characters, is intriguing, mischievous, scary and funny. There is uncertainty, the whiff of danger, fun and alarm in the unexpected. Each character is trapped in their own individual world and each has his own agenda."

Tim Willis takes on the role of Davies, with Rod Wilkinson as Aston and Tom O'Connor as his brother Mick.

Tickets online at, by emailing or by calling 01926 830680.

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