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Saints Dramatic Society preview: Life and Beth

Life and Beth by Alan Ayckbourn, The Saints Dramatic Society, Allesley Village, Coventry. 11- 15 Feb

The Allesley-based Saints Dramatic Society are eagerly preparing for their latest production, Alan Ayckbourn’s comic and touching play Life and Beth.

The story is set at Christmas and Beth Timms is mourning the recent death of her husband Gordon. Sister-in-law Connie and son Martin have come to stay, determined to ensure she has a stress-free time. However, as all Ayckbourn fans know, nothing is ever straightforward in one of his plays.

The arrival of Martin’s girlfriend Ella and local vicar David complicate matters, as does the appearance of an unexpected guest. The cast is led by Juliana Swain in the title role, supported by Jayne Ball, Dave Collins, Aran Eardley, Elizabeth Moore and Bill Parkinson.

The team is delighted to welcome Elizabeth, who is making her stage debut for the Saints in this production. Co-directed by Yvonne and Dave Collins, Life and Beth will run for five nights at Allesley Village Hall, Birmingham Road, Coventry Performances start promptly at 7.30pm

Box Office: 07927 319985. Tickets £7 and £6 concessions.

Photo (Left to right) Aran Eardley, Bill Parkinson,Dave Collins, Juliana Swain, Jayne Ball, Elizabeth Moore

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