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Belgrade Theatre preview: Revenge

Revenge, Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, 13-15 February.

Bill Crayshaw MP is a man who has it all. Admired in Parliament, loved at home, lauded in business, he appears to be leading a charmed life - until he returns from a trip abroad to find that his party agent has been killed.

Was it murder or merely a tragic accident? And what motivates journalist Mary Stewart to go to such extraordinary lengths to find out?

Robin Hawdon's new psychological thriller Revenge arrives at the Belgrade on its first national tour with many unresolved questions and plenty of twists and turns for audiences to enjoy.

Its director, Louise Jameson, is perhaps better known as an actor, starring as Leela opposite Tom Baker as Dr Who in the 1970s, going on to take major parts in popular TV series Tenko and Bergerac and more recently in EastEnders. Jonathan McGarrity plays Crayshaw and Kate Ashmead Stewart.

Tickets at or from the box office on 024 7655 3055.

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