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Preview: Glorious! Criterion Theatre

Glorious! Criterion Theatre, Coventry, 25 January - 1 February.

In her own mind, Florence Foster Jenkins was one of the great sopranos of the age, making records and bringing New York audiences to their feet at charity balls and recitals and ultimately in concert at the mighty Carnegie Hall.

In reality, Florence (pictured above) possessed a voice that was far from pitch perfect and couldn't hold a note. As she warbled and screeched her way through her repertoire, audiences fell about laughing while the critics tried to let her down gently with the faintest of praise.

Peter Quilter's hilarious and heart-warming play tells the true story of the delusional Florence who, supported by a circle of friends as eccentric as she was, became the performer that all of 1940s New York wanted to see.

Happy and enthusiastic to the end, she passed into legend, her memory revived by the 2016 film, starring Meryl Streep.

Tickets online at or from the box office at 024 7667 5175.

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