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Warwick Arts Centre preview: Mullah of Downing St

The Mullah of Downing Street, Warwick Arts Centre, Dec 10-12.

This new comedy about clashing family values couldn't be more timely: It is set in the living room of 10 Downing Street on the eve of a general election.

The evening is drawing to a close when PM Claire Scarsdale’s spirited daughter, Nina, returns home and introduces her parents to her fiancé, Akhtar.

A young and learned Muslim, Akhtar is respectful to his future in-laws, but Nina wants to get married tomorrow, and won’t take no for an answer.

Suddenly, the family trying to juggle clashing political views inside the home as well as in the public eye, becomes a breaking news story.

Starring Mark Extance (John), Hassan Maarfi (Akhtar), Stephanie Booth (Nina) and Sue Ruddick (PM Claire Scarsdale), The Mullah of Downing Street is written by Imran Yusuf, and directed by Katharine Farmer.

Imran is a graduate from the Royal Court Young Writers Programme and the Forum of Young European Playwrights in Wiesbaden. His play Stumped won Pakistan's first national playwriting prize, going on to enjoy successful runs internationally.

Director Katharine is a graduate of The University of Warwick and Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Her work in the US has culminated in six LA Times Critic’s Picks, an LA Ovation Award for Best Production of a Play, and an Indy Award for Best Director.

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