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Roxie and the gals call the shots in Chicago

Chicago, Abbey Theatre, Nuneaton, until October 26

This is a great portrayal of the original Broadway show.

In true burlesque fashion, the Nuneaton Amateur Operatic & Dramatic Society treated the audience to a polished musical and dance performance set in 1920s Chicago.

The show opened to the song And all that Jazz, sung by Velma Kelly ( Jenny Barlow) with the rest of the ensemble joining in.

The audience tapped their toes and sang along. Then the action began when Roxie (Rachel Spencer) shot her lover and ended up in a woman’s prison along with other killers. Engaging the services of Billy Flynn (KevinBenson) a sleazy lawyer, she pretends to be pregnant in order to incur sympathy with the jury. A story of greed and corruption follows.

Velma, Roxie and Billy Flynn have powerful voices and were a joy to listen to as they sang their way through some classics of the show. The rest of the cast where excellent and played their parts well with limited room on a crowded stage.

I take my hat off to the ladies who were dressed in skimpy, black costumes. Congratulations must also go to the orchestra who played magnificently on staging high above the theatre floor.

A great performance by NAODS who celebrate their centenary next year – quite an achievement.

For tickets phone 07773 045816 or

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