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Perfect play for those long dark nights

The Perfect Murder Priory Theatre, Kenilworth, 16 to 26 October.

Perfect for the darker evenings and just as the clocks change back, the Perfect Murder, directed by Stuart Lawson arrives as Halloween approaches.

Based on the best seller from Peter James, the plot involves Victor Smiley and his wife Joan who have been married for a long time. Their marriage has reached crisis point, and Victor has decided that there is only one way to get Joan out of his life forever.

James’ detective, Roy Grace, who features in numerous “Murder” novels starts to investigate this, his very first, homicide case. Dark forces intervene and he begins to realise that nothing is quite as it seems as the story unfolds.

This highly entertaining dark comedy thriller has been a critically acclaimed stage hit and the Priory players will be giving it plenty of style.

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