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Vintage comedy that's stood the test of time

Absurd Person Singular, Rugby Theatre, Sept 14-21.

If you've never seen an Alan Ayckbourn comedy then Rugby Theatre is offering the classic, Absurd Person Singular.

Set in the 1970s we meet three seemingly successful couples who get together to drink and celebrate the season of goodwill over three consecutive Christmas Eves.

But as Rugby Theatre director Mark Tolchard says: "We see the characters as they want us to see them....then slowly the masks fall off and we see what's really going on."

Mark adds: "It's easy to play for laughs, but one of the best things about Ayckbourn is that the humour comes from the absurdity of the situation. This is black humour at its finest."

You might also say vintage humour at it's finest....but has it past its sell by date?

Find out by switching back the clock and enjoying some festive merriment in the company of control freak Sidney and his wife Jane, who takes refuge in obsessive cleaning; then there's womanising Geoffrey and Eva, his perhaps understandably suicidal better half....not to forget Ronald, the banker with financial problems along with his wife Marion, who is rarely sober.

I suspect Wendy Kay, who plays Marion, will have the most fun on stage. But so should the audience.

Tickets available from Rugby Theatre box office on 01788 541234 or the website

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