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Broadgate, Coventry, preview: Bridge

Bridge, Broadgate, Coventry, September 26-28.

For three days in late September, Broadgate in Coventry will play host to a spectacular structure, a bridge with a gap where the keystone should be.

After two days of pop-up events designed to bring people together in new and immersive ways, on the final evening the bridge will be the setting for an extraordinary outdoor performance, featuring circus acrobatics, dance, comedy, theatre and live music.

The latest production from Coventry-based live events company Imagineer is inspired by real-life stories of bridging divides, and ahead of the final performance local people from different communities in the city will be encouraged to make their own bridge, using a specially made kit, based on a Leonardo da Vinci design.

Jane Hytch, Imagineer's chief executive, said: "Bridge takes its inspiration from many different sources, from engineers and artists, to people who are bridging social, spiritual and political divides. It's hugely exciting to see the project taking shape with such accomplished engineers, artists, performers and communities."

Chenine Bhathena, creative director at Coventry City of Culture Trust, said: "Coventry is a city known for building connections across communities and bridging global divides. Bridge will bring people together, demonstrate the innovation that exists in the city and throw a spotlight on to the great creativity of artists based in Coventry."

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Photo: Tara Rutledge.

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