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Criterion Theatre preview: Orlando

Orlando, Criterion Theatre, Coventry, July 26 & 27.

Virginia Woolf's 1928 novel, exploring the farthest reaches of identity, is the inspiration for this new play, written and performed by Lucy Roslyn, that places that 90-year-old theme firmly in the contemporary world.

Orlando is the story of a person tired of the identarian obsessions of 2019, tired of being boxed in and misunderstood, and tired of life itself. Roslyn's play combines the themes of sexuality and identity with a universal story of heartbreak, transporting the audience through time and place, tears and laughter.

As in previous years, the Criterion is a brief stop on the road for the award-winning Roslyn on her way to this year's Edinburgh Festival fringe with a new play, and offers local audiences the chance to see work from one of the country's most innovative playwrights.

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