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Loft Theatre preview: The Thrill of Love

The Thrill Of Love, Loft Theatre, Leamington, July 17-27.

In 1955, Ruth Ellis became the last woman in Britain to be sent to the gallows, for the murder of her lover David Blakely.

The case became a notorious cause celebre and more than 60 years later it's being given another airing by the Loft Theatre, in the shape of Amanda Whittington's searing dramatisation of Ellis's life and the events that led her to the hangman's noose.

Ellis's life revolved around the seedy "gentlemen's" clubs of 1950s' London, a world of false glamour and heavy drinking, in which some dreamed of being the next Marilyn Monroe and would do almost anything to get there. But what led her to kill Blakely and who gave her the gun she used to shoot him?

Julia Findlay takes on the role of Ruth Ellis, with Mark Roberts as Police Inspector Jack Gale, a man determined to uncover the truth. Director is Elizabeth Morris.

Tickets from, by email from or by calling 01926 830680.

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