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Belgrade preview: Physical Fellowship Festival

Highly Sprung Physical Fellowship, Belgrade Theatre, Coventry, June 24-27.

More than 400 young people from Coventry schools and youth clubs will come together to explore the role of human rights in today's society in the Physical Fellowship festival, founded by the city-based Highly Sprung theatre company.

Established ten years ago, the four-day event is the only festival of physical theatre for young people in the UK, giving emerging performers a professional platform to present their own work. This year's theme - What Makes Us Human - looks at the unique characteristics and behaviours that define us. And its headline show, Seen But Never Heard, will be presented by Highly Sprung's own Sprungsters group for children and young adults, featuring some of Coventry's most talented young performers.

Highly Sprung director and co-founder Sarah Worth said: "Coventry has long been recognised as a city of peace and reconciliation and it's vital that the city's young people understand this title and ensure that the city continues to be recognised in this way.

"Seen But Never Heard will give young people engaged in the project first-hand opportunities to meet with and better understand the needs of refugees and migrants who have arrived to settle in Coventry, learning to support their integration and to find ways to better contribute to the life of the city."

This year's festival is being run in connection with Step Up To Serve's #iwill campaign, which aims to promote social action among youth across the UK, and with the Fly The Flag for Human Rights initiative.

It will partner with the Coventry Refugee And Migrant Centre.

Tickets from the Belgrade box office on 024 7655 3055 or online at

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