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Powerful indictment of hostility facing refugees

The Bundle, Theatre Absolute, Coventry, June 20.

A powerful indictment of the UK government's "hostile environment" policy for migrants underpins a new production from Journeymen Theatre, which comes to Theatre Absolute's Shop Front Theatre in Coventry for two performances on National Refugee Day.

It's based on the real story of Adilah, who is forced into marriage and then domestic abuse and servitude in her native Chechnya. She flees with her three children to the UK, where she finds a home but encounters a hostility from the authorities.

Can she find sanctuary in this country - or will she be forced back to her vengeful husband, with the horrendous consequences that must follow?

A two-hander, the play is part of the Coventry Welcomes Festival, being staged as part of the National Refugee Week, under the over-arching theme of "You, Me and Those Who Came Before".

Performances begin at 1pm and 6pm. There is no charge for admittance but a collection will be taken for organisations working closely with refugees and migrants.

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