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Pair of gentle comedies on the menu

Funeral Tea and Knightsbridge, Allesley Village Hall, May 21-25.

In the first of two one-act comedies from the Saints Dramatic Society, we travel north to Yorkshire for a Funeral Tea. The five ladies taking tea in this play by Pat Wilson, are played by Jayne Batstone, Kate Hill, Jan Eardley, Jess Devine and Ellie Hill.

In the second play we journey south to a flat in Knightsbridge where a misunderstanding occurs when a young lady takes her fiancé to meet her mother for the first time. By John Mortimer, this features John Pease, Jess Devine, Lucinda Toomey and Paul Hayes.

Performances of these gentle comedies, directed by Juliana Swain, start at 7.30pm.

For tickets call 07927 319985 or go to

Pictured (left to right): Jan Eardley, Jayne Batstone, and Kate Hill, in rehearsal for Funeral Tea

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