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Peter Pan flies in for an Easter Treat

Peter Pan Easter Panto, Albany Theatre, Coventry until May 2.

A panto certainly isn‘t just for Christmas as this fantastic post-Easter touring pantomime proves.

Perhaps the idea of a panto in springtime accounted for only a half full theatre, but this was an absolute treat for families who love to laugh and let their hair down.

It was a real star student, professional panto, with great scenery, sound, music, lighting and special effects. The very likeable and talented actor, TV presenter and host of TV’s children’s TV classic, Art Attack, Lloyd Warbey played Peter Pan, flying through the air with the greatest of ease, as well as singing, dancing, sword fighting – okay with a wooden sword, but beating off the dastardly Captain Hook in true panto style. That villainous Captain Hook was brilliantly played by multi-talented Andrew Fleming who soon had the audience booing as he did his best to outwit Peter – and keep Smee and Starkey under control.

The role of Wendy was played by actress Dani Harmer, probably best known for being Tracy Beaker – and who would have thought Tracy Beaker could also sing and dance?

Jane Oliver, who played Tiger Lily was another excellent singer and dancer along with some lively routines by the pirates, the Indians and the little Lost Boys.

They were youngsters from KT School of Dance here in Coventry.

Enchanted Entertainment run workshops throughout the country and have local performers taking on the chorus line-up wherever they play. Star of the show however was Bobby Davro (pictured) who played pirate Smee. He was a joke a minute, albeit jokes that had the audience groaning; and lots of hilarious impersonations. The humour came at you at ninety miles an hour. His sidekick was pirate Starkey (Mark James) and between them and Captain Hook it was true traditional entertainment that the audience loved.

The final hilarious incident, however, was unintentional. Bobby Davro dressed in a giant kangaroo costume (don’t ask!) toppled onto his back and couldn’t get up.

They should definitely keep that in the show!

A fabulous Easter Panto. Albany Theatre Box Office: 024 7699 8964

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