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Ballroom glitz took us on mesmerising dance

Loads of laughs, lots of singing and every dance beautifully choreographed. Ian and Vincent were partnered by two professional female dancers. The costumes were exquisite and the dancing, mesmerising. There were plenty of sequins to shake and shimmer throughout the performanc

Ian and his partner danced a sequin-filled, sassy samba and Vincent’s rumba was romantic. Foxtrots and passionate flamencos followed. The footwork was superb, the dancers never missed a step. They engaged the audience throughout and at one point, asked for volunteers to go on stage. Four unsuspecting people were picked and asked to join Ian and Vincent. They were instructed to pick a number, stand behind a row of shimmering numbered boxes and when the music started, put on the clothing inside the boxes and perform a dance routine. We had Elton John, Madonna, complete with bra, Freddie Mercury and Tina Turner strutting their stuff.

It was hilarious with all participants performing magnificently. In between the dancing, James Lomas, the first West End Billy Eliot and recipient of the Lawrence Olivier award, entertained us with his singing and a few dance moves of his own. He had a beautiful voice and could wiggle his hips with the best of them. Throughout the evening, Ian alluded to Vincent’s Argentine Tango and near the end of the show we were entertained by the best Argentine Tango I have ever witnessed. How on earth they didn’t fall over each other’s legs, with all that flicking and kicking, is beyond me. Superb. Not to be outdone, James made his debut splits performance, to rapturous applause. It was filmed by his producer and destined for facebook. The show was funny, enjoyable and entertaining, with beautiful costumes, ending to a richly deserved, standing ovation. Well worth a visit. Keeeeeep dancing!

The Ballroom Boys return to the region on May 17 when the tour rolls into the Royal Spa Centre, Leamington.

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